My Story Episode 21: Video Games with Tyler McCombs and Stephen Nothum

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Have you ever thought that video games could really apply to your learning and writing skills? Well, whether you have or haven’t, Episode 17 of the BYU English Society‚Äôs podcast, My Story will show how two former English Teaching majors have made great discoveries in the world of video game research. Stephen and Tyler are both English teachers and love what they do. They spend their days teaching, and their evenings studying. However, their late night study hours are passed behind the screen of their favorite video games as they try to understand how to apply the creative story lines of video games to their English teaching. “Its for the kids” Stephen and Tyler remarked at the end of the interview, “we are trying to improve their educational possibilities.” Tune in to this week’s episode to see just how much we have to learn from video games, and how great the learning gains can be for students. Play the podcast embedded below, and check out all our episodes featuring stories about applying your English major by visiting the BYU English Society SoundCloud page.

Check out the interview HERE

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