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Major English News Episode 010

The English Society presents another episode of its weekly video news show, featuring Davis and Chalene breaking all things breaking news regarding the English major.

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My Story Episode 009

This week’s episode features Adrian Thayn and Hadley Griggs, editor-in-chief and staffer for BYU’s Creative Writing Journal Inscape, discussing their experiences working on the journal and the benefits of being involved with a publication.

My Story Podcast Episode 008

This week’s episode features Dr. Jamin Rowan, the coordinator for BYU’s new English+ initiative. Davis and Dr. Rowan discuss the goals of English+ and some interesting ways English majors can fill the new requirements and make the most of their degree.

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Major English News Episode 008

BYU’s English Society presents Episode 008 of its weekly video news show, featuring hosts Chalene Riser and Davis Blount.

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