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Literary Lovers Christmas List

That holly jolly time of year is quickly approaching and if you have a literary lover in your life, you may be wondering what exactly is on their Christmas list.  Though we are not mind readers, we have complied a pretty good Christmas gift list to help you. We are sure that you’ll find exactly what you need.




Nothing says “let’s read by the fire” like a steaming mug full of your favorite hot beverage. This Christmas give the gift of cozy hydration with a cute exterior. Find in here.

Library Card-


As everybody’s favorite aardvark Arthur once said, “having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.” Little did he know that cute decor isn’t hard either when you’ve got a library card. Add a little literary love to any room here.



Give the gift of unique smells this holiday season and brighten a loved ones life with this one of a kind candle. You won’t regret it. Find this candle and many others just like this here.

Pun book-


Enable the punner that plagues your life by giving the ultimate gift of selfless love. If your loved one has to be the punniest person in the room,  lend them a hand, buy them this book.



Falling asleep mid-read has never been more convenient or appropriate. Find this fluffy book here and make dreaming a possibility, literally.

Led Zeppelin-


Combining the love of classic rock and literary classics has never been easier. Led Zeppelin albums disguised in book covers gives rock lovers a set of albums that blend in nicely on the bookshelf. Find them here.



If you have a reader who falls asleep absorbed in words, this is the bookmark that  they need in their life. Save the book from being sleepily dogeared and save the reader from frantic page searches the next morning. This Christmas give a functional gift that is perfect for any reader in your life. Find it here.



Sometimes the best gifts are the most obvious ones. If your little book worm has a favorite book, think of purchasing a nice copy of that text. This is a beautiful gift that will make any book worm wiggle, which is a good thing. Find this book and other ones like it here.



Is there any better use for a book jacket than turning it into a decorative vase? We think not. Give a little extra class to any room in the home with this decorative book vase. It’s a gift that any reader would love to use in the decorating of their own little library. Find it here.



The contents of a woman’s purse have long been considered a mystery, that being said, we think this particular book purse is incredibly appropriate. Find this Sherlock Holmes purse here and give that Sherlock lover in your life the chance to add even a little bit more mystery to their handbag.



You can’t make a literary lovers Christmas list without including book jewelry. We have selected the best of the best with this classic Nancy Drew tribute bracelet, but for those of you whose jewelry taste is a little more subtle, there are products out there for you as well. Find this practically perfect Nancy Drew bracelet here and all sorts of other book jewelry here.


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8. “Please!” She wept. “Honey…it’s done.” #6Wurd

7.  Having lots to say: Not speaking #cursed #6wurd

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4. “Retired teacher seeks reemployment. Spouse ill.” #6Wurd

3. Don’t bother–blood doesn’t scrub out. #sixwurd

2.  Balloon allergy. If touched, I’ll pop. #6wurd

1. “I’m broken.” “I brought my tools.” #6wurd