Another Successful Slam

Even with drawbacks of hosting on Labor Day Weekend, the crowd at the Wall last Saturday did not fail to impress, with 220 people in attendance. And the performers brought their A-game too!

Many poets recalled adventures over the summer, Eston Dunn talked about his potentially drug-dealing roommates, and Jenny Rollins hit hard at what it actually means to go through divorce. Austin Jones opened strong in defense of English Majors everywhere in a poem that would eventually earn him the title of Best Overall performance of the night.

The entry price for the slam was a total of 17 syllables in the form of a haiku, and 16 people were called up from the audience during half-time for the haiku off. The four winners then went onto a second round at the end of the slam with improvised haikus including the word of the day: Fist-fight.


Special Congratulations to our winners! From left to right: Comedy (Katie Jarvis), Haiku Champion, Romance (David Bates), BestOverall (Austin Jones), and Dark Horse (Anneka Winder)!

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to this slam, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for the next amazing event!


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