Reviews and Recommendations: Stranger Things


Yes. The show that everyone’s been talking about: the one with 5 ten-year-old kids, one of which runs around in a pink dress and hair shorter than any of the boys surrounding her. “Stranger Things,” a new series on Netflix, has become so popular within the past couple weeks it wouldn’t be surprising if a new cult following resulted.

Back in the day when children played imaginative board games, the world of four misfit kids (and eventually the entire town and some obscure part of the government) is literally turned upside down when one of them goes missing. On the other side of town, a runaway little girl sporting a crew cut and a hospital gown shows up at a hamburger joint. It’s not long before the CIA shows up, armed, searching for her. The real adventure begins when Will’s closest friends and relatives puzzle-piece their conspiracy theories together, realizing that he’s not only alive, but has been taken by an untraceable monster: the demi-gorgon.

ST 1

Being a fan of fantasy and kids being sucked into other worlds, I was immediately addicted to this show. From the first episode, the plot twisted in ways least expected. Whether it was an alien abduction, an alternate dimension, or fantasy world that Will had been trapped inside of, the only way to figure it out was just to KEEP WATCHING. When viewers finally figure out what is going on, everything makes sense, leaving out annoying plot holes or bent fantastical rules.

ST 2

#Netflixaddictionisrealguys. Each of the characters were real to me and deliciously hate-able or lovable. It won’t be long before new watchers will find themselves shouting advice to the snarky sheriff with detective abilities rivaling Shawn Spencer (Psych) and the mother who may or may not be going crazy with grief. Some moments in the show were incredibly touching, emphasizing the sweet relationship between mother and child.

ST 3

The child actors were so believable and outshined some of the adult actors out there. For those of you not completely into the alternate dimension plotline, never fear: there is much drama to be had. Romance? Got it. Dysfunctional families and complicated relationships all around? They got that too. I would recommend Stranger Things to anyone aching for adventure. Just make sure to have 8 hours to kill before doing so, because once you begin there’s no way to stop.

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