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Tanner Schenewark

I’m an older brother, a Harvard Business School Enthusiast, and a classical music aficionado. And I’m an English Major.

Taylor Scheneweck

The Triumph of Life

I want to be a better reader and a better writer. That’s why I’m an English major. I believe that these two things are our best help during life’s quest, whatever that may be. My quest leads me variably in the direction of constitutional questions, for-profit philanthropy, and a great mortal purpose I haven’t completely discovered. I have a blog of my own writing, but it’s hidden: ) I’ve been published at least twice and questionably a third time, and would love to start my own business, as long as it’s fun and helps people. I discover myself through teaching.

One of my favorite books is John Henry Cardinal Newman’s The Idea of a University.


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