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Hi, I’m Jenny Keeton

I’m a Missourian, a debater, a master of sarcasm, and a movie aficionado. And I’m an English major.

My love for literature and analyzing that literature started when I was ten. A friend and I had a competition to see who could read more books. Unfortunately, I was not victorious, but the experience opened me up to reading. I have been blessed with good friends that would push me to read their favorite books, which kept my interests spread. While it may take me a little longer to read a book than others, I enjoy reading.

The love for analysis came later, when I was a high school debater. We would have to read through evidence quickly and get to the root of it. It became not only helpful when reading a book or poetry, but it also became fulfilling, knowing the meaning of the book and why it was written.

I’m excited to be joining you as an English major. Best of luck and I hope to meet you soon!

One of my favorite books is John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

Hi, I’m Abbie

I’m a vintage book enthusiast, a Seattleite, a bit of a Burt’s Bees snob, and a definite lover of OPI. And I’m an English major.

Yes, that is me in the mustard costume. And yes, I think that's my best look, too.

Yes, that is me in the mustard costume. And yes, I think that’s my best look, too.

When I first learned to read, my whole world changed. I was finally granted access to this secret and incredible society of books, and I was honestly angry at my mom for not teaching me sooner. Street signs and restaurant menus contained meaning for the first time. It was that moment, when my life of hieroglyphs became comprehensible, that I knew reading would come to characterize my very identity. During car rides, no matter how far, I would read every piece of information and try to win each passenger over by my seemingly magnificent skills. Even today I am floored when people aren’t as awed by literature as I am.

One of my favorite books is The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.