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Conor Hilton

I’m a pop culture aficionado, an aspiring intellectual, politics junkie, and a liberal. And I’m an English major.

Conor Hilton

Me chillin’ with Brother Brigham in the Capitol

I love books (surprise!). I have grown to love analyzing anything that can be ‘read’ (using a liberal definition, of course, of ‘read’ to include films, music, works of art, scripture, Church lessons and talks) and can irritate my friends that prefer to read less closely with my analysis and critique. I read voraciously and enjoy finding connections between my various interests (politics, Mormonism, pop culture, literature, etc.).

I have a mass storage of pop culture trivia (what most would consider useless, although if I’m ever on a game show I’ll be a formidable opponent, or if you need to phone a friend when you’re on a game show, I could help you out). My spectrum of interests can be harmonized in English, particularly with adaptation studies (where I may focus for graduate studies). In addition to reading, I thoroughly enjoy writing. I dabble in poetry (I play bongos, so it tends to be beatnik or slam-esque), wrote a draft of a novel, have oodles of partially complete stories, some satire and journalism (for the Student Review, an independent student-run publication in Provo), and an almost weekly blog about Mormon theology/culture/speculation. To rework a phrase from Descartes, I read therefore I think therefore I write therefore I am.

One of my favorite books is Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities.

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