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Hi, I’m Drew!

I’m a glitter fanatic, an East Coaster, a Nancy Drew devotee and an idealist. And I’m an English major.

Drew Rupard


I wasn’t named after Nancy Drew, but I wish I was. Her books — fine literature, in my opinion. As an English major, I love many books. I love most of all reading a new book and having to make a new little aesthetic space for each, whether it’s a Victorian rose garden for Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, or a room in a Saigon tea house for The Quiet American. I love languages and speak, to various extents, three: French, Japanese, and my personal favorite, ENGLISH! To me, words can be beautiful, miraculous, and above all, challenging. They are the code by which I know this world, and it is my lifelong pursuit to decipher them. Among my other opinions, I believe that green paintings are generally superior to non-green paintings, that the Dark Ages weren’t necessarily dark, and that everyone should carry a journal and write in it. Also in climbing on top of big stone structures.

One of my favorite books is The Quiet American by Graham Greene

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