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Hi! I’m Ruth!

I’m a social media addict who loves the ocean and her friends, and I’m and English Major.


Ruth (left)

My name is Ruth and I’m from the beautiful PNW. That’s Pacific North West for those of you not familiar with the upper left USA. I graduated from a high school in Mount Vernon, WA and I have a passion for learning. I love reading and that’s why I want to major in English. I want to become a doctor which might seem strange, but it’s what I want to do. I have two sisters and a wonderful mother who let the missionaries into our house four years ago. I’m a convert to the LDS church and I don’t think I would change that for the world. I love talking to people and being on social media. I think I’m a pretty great person and I work hard. That’s about it.

One of my favorite books is J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye

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