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Major English News Episode 005

The BYU English Society presents its weekly video digest, featuring host Davis Blount and guest hosts Jacquelyn Dunn and Maddison Driggs.

Poetry Slam Promo:

My Story Podcast:

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Major English News Episode 004

The BYU English Society presents its weekly video digest. This week, host Davis Blount deals with hate mail and he and Chalene Riser give the skinny on events this week.

Poetry Slam Promo:
My Story Podcast:\
Three-Minute Student Reading Series: Come listen to invited readers read anything from flash fiction to tweets. Open mic to follow. Friday, Sept. 25, 3322 HBLL, 6:30 p.m.

Major English News Episodes 001 and 002

The BYU English Society presents the first two episodes of its weekly video news show, Major English News.

Episode 001: Introducing Major English News and BYU’s English Society. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Episode: 002: Mourning Learning Suite, discussing the opening social, future poetry slam, new English major advisement ( info about this week’s audio podcast, featuring Jenny Poffenbarger talking about her internship at the church (

Introducing our YouTube Channel — and our new Freshmen!

The BYU English Society now has an official YouTube channel!

English Society on YouTube Watch for reviews, interviews, how-to’s and other great stuff –including videos you create and submit!

Starring in our first video are the incoming Freshmen and transfer students who attended new student orientation last Friday, August 29. They  were greeted by English professors Brian Jackson and Jamie Horrocks, and then by English Society officers Emma Jarvis and Shane Peterson. They learned about our club, our blog, our play this semester, and about our YouTube channel. There was a lot of interest shown, as you can sense from the short video.I was on the fence about the English major,” one attendee confessed afterwards, “but after today’s presentation I’m all in.” You can sense the crowd’s enthusiasm from the cheer they gave, coached by Averill Corkin, the director of our semester play:

Yes, English Society! We hope you’ll keep visiting this blog and also our YouTube channel!