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Hello, I’m Shane Peterson

I’m an author, editor, writing tutor, and literature enthusiast. And I’m an English major.

Working at the front desk of the Wordsworth Trust museum.

Working at the front desk of the Wordsworth Trust museum.

I sincerely believe that behind every English student is a great English teacher. Mine was named Mrs. Ringen. She also taught me how to think critically, write with purpose, and read with a passion. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have decided to study English literature at school.

For me, being a literature student is more of a lifestyle choice than an area of study. It runs deeper than a desire to be a teacher or a writer. I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to make a career choice based on money but rather on what would help me become a better human being. Reading literature helps us understand others’ stories, and these stories teach us how we can live and work together as human beings. I still strongly believe that being a teacher and a storyteller and can help me live the most Christ-like life possible, because what was Christ? A teacher and a storyteller.

One of my favorite books is Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

You can see me blog, “Mere Ramblings” at http://shrpeter.wordpress.com/

Shane serves as the Vice-President of the English Society and manages the English Society blog.