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Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m a musician, a gamer, a fan of stormy weather, and a film lover. And I’m an English major.

Katie Neish

Me and my adorable husband.

For a long time I wanted to be a music major, but I ended up finding my true calling in English. When I was just three or four years old, I would pull my yellow wagon over to the bookshelf, pull every single book off and place it in the wagon, and “read” them for hours and hours. I suppose I should have seen my English major coming a long way off! In all seriousness, I love words, and I love learning how to use them. I like all kinds of writing, but I love that the skills I’m learning in the English program are applicable to almost everything else I do. Isn’t language wonderful?

One of my favorite books is Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Carli Cramer

I’m a writer, a Cheesehead, a Hooiser, a bookworm, a swimmer, and a Disney lover. And I’m an English major.

Carli Cramer

Me in my natural habitat.

I remember the first author that enchanted me with her words: Gail Carson Levine. She wrote dashing tales of princesses and princes and magic and her words took me to new lands and times, all while I was sitting in my elementary school library. Ever since then, I have rarely gone a day without a book. I love them. Every day I am influenced by the power of what is literally just ink on pages. And that is amazing.

One of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice.


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Hi, I’m Aubrey Milligan

I’m a percussionist, a hiker, an optimist, and a poetry-lover. And I’m an English major.

Aubrey Milligan

Aubrey (right)

To talk about myself is difficult, but here goes (I’ll try not to bore you to tears). Like the rest of you I am an English major, and perhaps unlike some of you I also want to be a book editor. I get a nerdy excitement when I read good poetry or decipher some kind of meaning from and abstract text. I want to write a novel someday; I already have some ideas floating around in my head. Now I just need to give them some attention. I’m very interested in psychology and understanding what it means to be human, and that’s something I want to bring into my own writing. For recreational reading I’ve always been partial to fantasy, but I’m open to anything with a good plot and amazing characters. Thanks to my amazing AP Lit teacher I am now in love with poetry and classic novels and I can’t wait to expand my mental library!

One of my favorite books is Eoin Colfer’s Airman.

Bonjour, I’m Emma Jarvis!

I’m a Frenchie, social media addict, treat enthusiast, die-hard Arizonian and wanna-be Southerner, and I’m an English Major

Emma Jarvis in Paris

I love Paris. And that’s an understatement.

Like most English majors, I’ve always been addicted to reading. It was my junior year AP English teacher, Ms. Creaser, who cemented my need to be an English Major. I had never been in a class as intellectually stimulating as that class, and as I figured out intense life questions through writing, I knew there was no other option for me in college. I’ve been disillusioned from time to time with the major, wondering if I would enjoy advertising or graphic design more, but at the end of the day, I sit in Dr. Cutchins‘s class and puzzle over Henry James, or listen to Dr. Hall rant as the class laughs, and I know I’ve picked the right major.

One of my favorite books is Henry James’s Daisy Miller.

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Emma serves as the President of the English Society

Hello, I’m Jenna Kirchhoefer

I am a lover of libraries, chocolate, anything Austen, and ugly Christmas sweaters… and I’m an English major!

Jenna Kirchhoefer

No big deal, just chilling in my favorite yellow field in England.

When packing up for college, I brought ONE novel with me. ONE!!! Any guesses? Now, as a book-lover, it would seem rather callous of me to leave my other piles of books behind. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. As a member of an American military family, I graduated from high school in Germany. Packing for college with limited space therefore proved to be a bit of a struggle, and as it turned out, only one book could possibly fit in my suitcase. Have you taken a guess yet at what that book might have been?

Yes, it was a well-marked, well-loved copy of Pride and Prejudice, and the decision wasn’t a difficult one. What can I say? I have been an honest fan of Austen and her distinctive era ever since I can remember, and have always looked forward to pursuing deeper study of the English language and the literature that so defines it. Libraries make me go weak at the knees, and a sentence with innovative syntax just might make me swoon. 🙂 I also enjoy poetry and lyrics and write plenty of my own, and hope to be meeting many of you fellow English majors soon!

One of my favorite books is Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings.

Hello, I’m Alina Neal

I’m a Kentuckian, aunt, future librarian and author, nature lover, and I’m an English major.

Alina Neal

I’m in the middle with a couple of my best friends on both sides of me!

When I was little I found most of my learning and entertainment in books. Fortunately, not much has changed since then! I love classics like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Dracula, Ethan Frome, etc., but I truly enjoy novels of all kinds! I hope one day to publish a novel and be a librarian in order to engender the love of books in as many children as possible!

One of my favorite books is Emily BrontĂ«’s Wuthering Heights.


Hello, I’m Abby Morse

I am a connoisseur of slapstick comedy, human folly, and dusty old books. And I’m an English major.

Abby Morse

You know, just casually throwing a jacket over my shoulder in a field.

I was 10 years old when my mother handed me her copy of Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (now one of my favorite authors) and that was when my love for literature began. I will gobble up anything from ancient Homer, to 19th century Bronte, to more contemporary C.S. Lewis. One of my favorite things to do is talk about novels, poems, or plays and compare all of their movie adaptations (of course the books are always better). I am beyond excited to be studying literature at BYU and to do it surrounded by my fellow enthusiasts!

One of my favorite books is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

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