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Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m a musician, a gamer, a fan of stormy weather, and a film lover. And I’m an English major.

Katie Neish

Me and my adorable husband.

For a long time I wanted to be a music major, but I ended up finding my true calling in English. When I was just three or four years old, I would pull my yellow wagon over to the bookshelf, pull every single book off and place it in the wagon, and “read” them for hours and hours. I suppose I should have seen my English major coming a long way off! In all seriousness, I love words, and I love learning how to use them. I like all kinds of writing, but I love that the skills I’m learning in the English program are applicable to almost everything else I do. Isn’t language wonderful?

One of my favorite books is Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Hey! I’m Eliza Schow

I’m a Disnerd, a collector of threadbare books, a realist living in a world of fantasy. And I’m an English major.

Eliza Schow

Thinking of a secret

We’ve all been faced with a well-known question. What do you want to be when you grow up? My ready answer as a child was always, “I don’t want to grow up.” Grown-ups were much too boring, stern, and had absolutely no imagination. I was determined to escape the inevitable by flying away with Peter Pan to Neverland where I could fly all day, have adventures, and never become a cold-hearted adult. The decision made by Wendy to return to the real world of England at the end of the novel made me a bit melancholy. Years later in my life, my sympathy shifted from Wendy to the protagonist himself. In choosing to be a little boy forever, Peter chose to be lonely forever. Peter didn’t want to grow up because he didn’t want the humdrum life and responsibility that came with it. What he didn’t realize was that a grown-up isn’t sentenced to a dull life and responsibility can bring an infinite amount of joy. As a grown-up, I have a responsibility to help and bring hope to others, and I love it. I want to be a writer because I want to keep the maturity of an adult in addition to the heart of a child and because I want improve the point of view people have on life.

One of my favorite books is Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Hello, I’m Brittany Rytting

I’m a hopeless romantic, an avid ice cream eater, a musician… and I’m an English major.

Brittany Rytting

Look, it’s my face!

How can I put into words my passion for being swept away by words and music? The books I read, the music I listen to or create, and the words I write make up my very being. (Therefore, snippets of songs and random quotes will often spew out of my mouth when prompted by someone’s innocent comment.) I am a lover of literature and hope to be an author. Music and editing are my intended minors, so I’ve also been considering becoming and editor. I play the piano, flute/piccolo, guitar, and I love to sing. When I have time I also love to act, and I dream of being in marching band again. And when the weather is just right, I love to dance in the rain.

One of my favorite books is The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (and Brandon Sanderson)

Hi! I’m McKenna Wilkes

I’m a musician, a doodler, a gamer, a teacher. And I’m an English major.

McKenna Wilkes

Me enjoying my wonderfully crazy life.

I have always enjoyed the beauty and soul within the spoken and written word. I’ve always found solace within the pages of books and I love the thoughts and ideas books can invoke into our minds and I want to help others find the same joy in English that I’ve found. I hope to become a high school teacher for this very purpose. I have several hobbies including, drawing, playing piano or ukulele, cross-stitching, and of course reading and writing.

My favorite work of literature is Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Hi, I’m Aubrey Milligan

I’m a percussionist, a hiker, an optimist, and a poetry-lover. And I’m an English major.

Aubrey Milligan

Aubrey (right)

To talk about myself is difficult, but here goes (I’ll try not to bore you to tears). Like the rest of you I am an English major, and perhaps unlike some of you I also want to be a book editor. I get a nerdy excitement when I read good poetry or decipher some kind of meaning from and abstract text. I want to write a novel someday; I already have some ideas floating around in my head. Now I just need to give them some attention. I’m very interested in psychology and understanding what it means to be human, and that’s something I want to bring into my own writing. For recreational reading I’ve always been partial to fantasy, but I’m open to anything with a good plot and amazing characters. Thanks to my amazing AP Lit teacher I am now in love with poetry and classic novels and I can’t wait to expand my mental library!

One of my favorite books is Eoin Colfer’s Airman.

Hi, I’m Sydney Mower

I’m a runner, a perfectionist, a musician, and a feminist. And I’m an English major.

Sydney Mower


Through my wonderful AP and honors English classes in high school, I decided that English was the place for me. Poetry is one of my passions whether it be reading or writing. Though I’m not very good at it yet, you can check out some of my poems on Power Poetry. I’ve been on a kick for World War II novels and read Unbroken and The Book Thief this summer–both of which I highly recommend. I’m so excited to go through the English program here at BYU!

One of my favorite books is Caleb Carr’s The Alienist.


I’m Brooke Anderson

I’m a runner, southern belle, musician, and an early bird. And I’m an English major.

Brooke Anderson


Since I was little I would sit for hours by myself and tell stories with miniature figurines, and when figurines weren’t available I would use socks. By the time I was 7 I was writing my stories and by the time I was 10 I kept a journal. When I was 12 I started with poetry. Though I couldn’t recite my alphabet until 1st grade by the end of that year my teacher was asking for me to be placed a grade ahead in English. I love to read, but not as much as I enjoy writing. Writing has always had a calming influence on me. I am currently working on a novel and am 75 pages in. When I am not writing, I enjoy running, singing, playing my French Horn, organizing and cleaning (yes, I actually enjoy that) and spending time with my sister (a math major at BYU).

One of my favorite books is Lois Lowry’s The Giver.

Hello, I’m Erin Nightingale

I’m a musician, a composer, a novelist, a poet, a book lover, an onomast . . . and I’m an English Major.

Really, I don’t know where I’d be without writing. I am blind, but when I was younger I could see better, and back then I considered myself an artist. I was constantly drawing, painting, and sculpting. I was fairly certain that art would be in my future. But I lost most of my sight when I was ten years old, and could no longer see to draw. Therefore, I had to find new ways of doing art. I taught myself how to play the piano, and have been composing music for eight years. But this wasn’t enough. Soon I discovered the world of words, and began writing poems and novels. I have six completed novels and over thirty poems to date. I’ve been told that my writing style is very colorful. Another one of my loves is teaching. I m studying currently to become an English teacher. It is in this way that art, in one form or another, has made it into my future, and will continue to be a vital part of what makes me me forever.

One of my favorite books is Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Hi, I’m Rachael Rackley

I’m a violist, lover of chocolate, and optimist of life. And I’m an English Major.

Rachael Rackley

My viola and I

For as long as I can remember I have always been reading and creating new stories. While other kids wanted to play sports, I wanted to run to the library or book store and read a new book. While other kids spent hours playing Webkinz online, I spent hours typing out ideas on Microsoft Word for potential future novels. My mind has never stopped running with new ideas for stories, and neither has my dream for becoming a great writer one day.

As a brand new freshman at BYU I will work hard to not only evolve as a writer, but also as a person. I strongly believe that until I achieve both of these goals, my dream of becoming a great writer will never be accomplished.

Writing to me is not busy work; it is my passion and joy in this life. As I work to achieve my goals I hope I can inspire other people to follow their own dreams as well. After all, I have found that the greatest joys in this life are simply by helping other people. And if I can do that through my writing, even if it is for one person, then I know I have succeeded.

One of my favorite books is Lois Lowry’s The Giver.