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Hi, I’m Emily Hubbard

I’m a book blogger, a home cook, a newlywed, and a soon-to-be mom. And I’m an English major.

Emily Hubbard


I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer someday, so I knew from the moment I walked onto BYU campus that I wanted to be an English major. I loved reading classics for my major, so a couple years ago I started a book blog called Classics and Beyond. I’ve been married for more than a year and a half to my husband, Doug, who likes cars and movies but doesn’t like chocolate, which forever wounds my chocolate-loving heart. I’m expecting a little girl in December (which is also when I’ll hopefully graduate), and I’m determined to raise her to love books…and chocolate.

One of my favorite books is The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot

My book blog: “Classics and Beyond
My other blog, for everything else: “Emily’s Moment of Time

Emily serves as an officer in the English Society

Hello, I’m Jenna Kirchhoefer

I am a lover of libraries, chocolate, anything Austen, and ugly Christmas sweaters… and I’m an English major!

Jenna Kirchhoefer

No big deal, just chilling in my favorite yellow field in England.

When packing up for college, I brought ONE novel with me. ONE!!! Any guesses? Now, as a book-lover, it would seem rather callous of me to leave my other piles of books behind. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. As a member of an American military family, I graduated from high school in Germany. Packing for college with limited space therefore proved to be a bit of a struggle, and as it turned out, only one book could possibly fit in my suitcase. Have you taken a guess yet at what that book might have been?

Yes, it was a well-marked, well-loved copy of Pride and Prejudice, and the decision wasn’t a difficult one. What can I say? I have been an honest fan of Austen and her distinctive era ever since I can remember, and have always looked forward to pursuing deeper study of the English language and the literature that so defines it. Libraries make me go weak at the knees, and a sentence with innovative syntax just might make me swoon. 🙂 I also enjoy poetry and lyrics and write plenty of my own, and hope to be meeting many of you fellow English majors soon!

One of my favorite books is Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings.

Hi, I’m Rachael Rackley

I’m a violist, lover of chocolate, and optimist of life. And I’m an English Major.

Rachael Rackley

My viola and I

For as long as I can remember I have always been reading and creating new stories. While other kids wanted to play sports, I wanted to run to the library or book store and read a new book. While other kids spent hours playing Webkinz online, I spent hours typing out ideas on Microsoft Word for potential future novels. My mind has never stopped running with new ideas for stories, and neither has my dream for becoming a great writer one day.

As a brand new freshman at BYU I will work hard to not only evolve as a writer, but also as a person. I strongly believe that until I achieve both of these goals, my dream of becoming a great writer will never be accomplished.

Writing to me is not busy work; it is my passion and joy in this life. As I work to achieve my goals I hope I can inspire other people to follow their own dreams as well. After all, I have found that the greatest joys in this life are simply by helping other people. And if I can do that through my writing, even if it is for one person, then I know I have succeeded.

One of my favorite books is Lois Lowry’s The Giver.