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My Story Episode: Caroline Howard, English Teacher with an ORCA grant

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Episode 15 of the BYU English Society’s podcast, My Story, features Caroline Howard, an English turned English Teaching major who is now putting her skills to work as a 7th and 8th grade English teacher. Caroline also shared with us her incredible experience as an ORCA research grant recipient. On top of all her other accomplishments Caroline spent time as a presenter for the McKay School Symposium. Caroline pointed out to us that it was not so much what happened inside the classroom that shaped her decisions. Rather, it was what she accomplished as she work hard outside of her classes. For those of you looking into the idea of teaching English, receiveing an ORCA grant, or anyone else who wants to better understand making life changing decisions, play the podcast embedded above. Also please check out all our episodes featuring stories of applying one’s English by visiting the BYU English Society SoundCloud page.

Caroline’s Interview

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Hi! I’m McKenna Wilkes

I’m a musician, a doodler, a gamer, a teacher. And I’m an English major.

McKenna Wilkes

Me enjoying my wonderfully crazy life.

I have always enjoyed the beauty and soul within the spoken and written word. I’ve always found solace within the pages of books and I love the thoughts and ideas books can invoke into our minds and I want to help others find the same joy in English that I’ve found. I hope to become a high school teacher for this very purpose. I have several hobbies including, drawing, playing piano or ukulele, cross-stitching, and of course reading and writing.

My favorite work of literature is Shakespeare’s Hamlet.